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Arts & Crafts Korea

Q. Where is Arts & Crafts Korea located?
A. Arts & Crafts Korea is located in Gwacheon, South Korea. Gwacheon is a city situated on the southern outskirts of Seoul.

Q. I will be going to Korea soon. Do you have a store I can visit where I can directly purchase your products?
A. We do not have an offline store, but do have an office you can visit. If you would like to visit our office to purchase our items, we recommend you first view our online store as not all our products are displayed.



Q. Do you ship directly from Korea?
A. Yes, all our products are shipped directly from South Korea.

Q. I need my product within the next week. Do you offer express delivery?
A. Yes, we express delivery(EMS) is available as an option when you check out.

Q. Do you offer courier services?
A. Courier shipment is not an option we offer on the checkout form. If you need your product urgently, please e-mail us or call us and we will give you the details. Our main courier is FedEX.


Delivery Time

Q. If I place an order now, how long will it take for me to receive it? (US order)
A. The average delivery time is approximately 10-15 days during non-holiday periods. Small orders sent out in padded envelopes do arrive faster in most cases: 7-10 days average. However, please allow 10-15 days for all standard airmail orders just to be sure.

Q. I placed an order 15 days ago and have still not received it. Where's my order? (US order)
The average delivery time to the US is 10-15 days. However, unexpected incidents do occur now and then, resulting in delayed delivery. In most cases, the problem has to do with the local postal office in your area. We suggest you first contact your local post office and check if they are holding your merchandise. The official 'hold time' we set is 10 days before it is sent back to us. Some of our customers have unfortunately have had to receive their products in 20-30 days. Such cases are rare, but do happen. We do not have control over how the postal office in your area deals with our shipment.



Q. I just received my order of two Hanbok Dolls. I see that the color of the Hanbok is not exactly the same as shown on your website. Please reply.
A. As much as we would like to have our customers experience 'what you see is what you get' shopping, we're afraid that this is not 100% possible as most of our products are handmade. The colors of products may slightly differ in tint or shade and sizes may slightly vary as well. We request your understanding in advance. Unless mass-produced by machines at a factory, no product on our website will be as exactly the same as shown on our website.


Adoptive Family

Q. I am a parent of a Korean adoptee and would like to be applicable for your 10% lifetime benefit program. How do I apply?
A. Simply send us a photo of your child(ren) and some simple information and you will be immediately applicable for the benefit upon receipt of photo. Please click here for details.

Q. I just joined to be a part of your 10% lifetime benefit program. Does this mean I get a discount on your products?
A. 10% of the merchandise total(deducting certain non-discountable items) is accumulated as 'mileage' in your account. This mileage is just like 'money' and can be used for your future orders once over $1.00. This mileage will be awarded to your Mileage Bank after each successful order. For details, click here.


Wholesale/Bulk Orders

Q. I am interested in selling your products at my gift store. Do you offer your items at wholesale prices?
A. Yes, Arts & Crafts Korea has almost 500 items available at wholesale prices. Please e-mail us requesting information on wholesale accounts and we will send you our policy.



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