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How to Order
Having trouble ordering? Review the following process.

1. Sign-in / Register

New Customer
If you haven't registered with us, yet, take a few minutes to do so. All Registered Members will receive numerous benefits including a regular 2% in merchandise total awarded to their mileage bank.

Already Registered
If you are a member, simply click on 'sign-in' at the top of the page and sign-in to our system using your Customer ID and Password. *NOTE: In order to see our items at sale prices(when they are on sale), you need to sign in FIRST before you start adding items to your cart. If you have accidently added items before signing in, be sure to empty your cart and start over.


2. Select a Menu
Click on one of the menus at the top under the STORE tab and you will see a page with its submenus. Click on a submenu. You will then see a list of items under that submenu as below.

eg) Dolls & Figurines > Hanbok Dolls

Click on an item that catches your eye and you will see a page with the item details as below.


3. Review Item Details

Click on the Size/Design option to see if there are any other options available. Select the option you like and enter the appropriate quantity.

Click the 'Add to Cart' button and you have just added that item to your Shopping Cart. Click on 'View Cart' at the top of the page to check.


4. Shopping Cart

If you would like to modify the quantity initially selected, enter the new number and click on 'Update Quantity'. You can also have your item giftwrapped for $1.00 per item. Check the 'Giftwrap' box and then click the 'Update Giftwrap' button. Now you are ready to 'Checkout'. Do so by clicking on the 'Checkout' button.



5. Checkout: Shipping & Credit Card Information

When the above page loads, you must now select which country you would like to have your order shipped to. USA is selected as a default for convenience.

Then, select your method of shipment from the 3 options given. You can see the shipping costs change real-time with each option you select. Choose the most appropriate method for you. Check the rest of the order details and especially your Order Total.


If you're already signed in, you will see your Billing Address load on the left. If not, you will have to enter your Billing Address. Then enter the Shipping Address for your order. If it is same as your Billing Address, simply click on the button provided in the Shipping Address section and the information will be copied. If you're shipping to another address, fill in all the fields provided. You will see that the Country field displays the country selected in the Shipping Destination field.

If you would like to leave us a memo regarding your order, pleaes do so in the Memo section provided.


6. Payment

Check your Order Total at the top of the Payment Information section. Then select a payment method from the 4 provided. Credit Card + Mileage means that you can use mileage saved in your Mileage Bank to pay for a part of the order. If paying via credit card, skip steps 2 ~ 4. Paypal and Bank Wire are also available. If you would like to pay via either method, select 'Other' or 'Other + Mileage' and enter the rest of the information below.

Note that if you are using mileage as part of your payment, the Grand Total with the mileage deducted will appear on the Order Summary page. This will load after you have pressed the 'Process Order' button.

Mileage Rules

1. Customer must have at least $1.00 in Mileage Bank.
2. Total Order must be at least $20.00 in order to use mileage.
3. Maximum mileage of $20.00 can be used PER order.

Check your order one last time and then click on the 'Process Order' button. Please be careful not to click the button several times. You will see an Order Summary page stating whether your order was successfully placed or not. Please read the instructions carefully. If for any reason your order failed to process, please try one more time. If your problem persists, we recommend you check the status of your credit card or internet connection. If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to e-mail us.


Shipping Methods & Rates

International Orders
Arts & Crafts Korea offers three shipping methods for delivery outside South Korea.
We are partnered with the local post office, Korea Post, to offer the following shipping methods.

  Standard Airmail
(Letter and Parcel)
(Express Airmail)
Ocean Freight
(Surface Mail)
Delivery Time 10-15 days 3-5 days 50-60 days
Packing Method Box or Padded Envelope
(depends on weight and volume of item)
Box Box
Tracking Availability


(customer can track directly via usps.com website)
Remarks - Most Commonly Used Method
- If shipping cost when checking out is low (i.e. $12.98, $10.94), order will be shipped in a padded envelope. Please contact us if you would like to change your shipping method.
- Fastest and most accurate - Recommended for heavy items such as books or for wholesale buyers.

** The delivery time noted does not include holidays, weekends and non-business hours.

Delivery times do differ according to shipping zone; however, most orders arrive within the time frame given above. Please note that this is NOT a guarantee, but 'estimated' delivery time. Delays may occur especially during holiday season, so please be sure to order in advance. If you would like to receive more detailed information or ask about how much in advance you should place your order, please e-mail us.

Shipping is not available for certain countries. If your country is not on our country list, please e-mail us.

Domestic Orders
If you are located within Korea and would like to have your order shipped locally, either use the order form on the front page of our website or e-mail us.


Shipping Rates
ll orders over 0.3kg(= 0.762 lb) are calculated in units of 0.5kg (= 1.27 lb) according to the regulations of the local post office. This means that even if your package weighs 1.2kg, it will ship out as 1.5kg. Arts & Crafts Korea calculates shipping rates in the following way:

Basic Handling Charge of $5.00 + Shipping Cost of Items = Total Shipping

If you would like to check S&H costs for a certain item to your region, you can add that item in your cart, checkout and select the method of shipping on the order page. You can check the rates real-time and choose your appropriate method.


Returns & Exchanges

Arts & Crafts Korea prioritizes customer satisfaction. However, if you are not wholly satisfied with your order, please feel free to contact us for a return or an exchange.

RETURNS are accepted only when:

- The item you received is grossly different from the one described on our website.
- The item you have received has been damaged.
(E-mail us an image of the damage to speed up the return process.)

Steps to take to return item:

1. E-mail us with the details of your order and why you would like to return the item(s).}
2. We will respond confirming whether it's possible or not to accept a return.
3. If a return has been allowed, you will receive details on how to return the item via e-mail.
4. If you paid via credit card, the charge will be cancelled. Note that it may take weeks for the cancellation to be reflected. We have no control over this matter. If you paid via Paypal, we will send you the exact amount to your Paypal account.

EXCHANGES are offered only when:

- You would like the same product in another color or design
(If the new color/design you would like is not in stock, an exchange cannot be offered.)

Steps to take to exchange item:

1. E-mail us with the details of your order and why you would like to exchange the item(s).}
2. We will respond confirming whether it's possible or not to offer an exchange.
(If the new color/design you would like is not in stock, an exchange cannot be offered.)
3. If an exchange has been allowed, you will receive details on how to return the item via e-mail.
4. Exchanges will be sent out only when additional shipping costs to send out new design/color has been completed.

** If you would like to exchange an item, we will not be responsible for the shipping costs to 1) return the item and 2) send out a new item. International shipping costs are quite high, so please keep this in mind when requesting an exchange.

We must be contacted in advance regarding your exchange or return. Contact us and we will confirm whether an exchange or a return is possible. All parcels sent to us without prior notice will be rejected and sent back.


Payment Options

Arts & Crafts Korea accepts American Express, VISA, MasterCard and Discover credit cards. We do NOT accept money orders, checks, or cash. Paypal and Telegraphic Transfer(T/T) is also available for those who do not prefer using their credit cards.

Telephone Orders

If you don't feel comfortable ordering over the Internet, you can either use the order from on the front page of our website or call us internationally at the following number.

Telephone Number: +82-2-507-2865 (82 is country code)

Catalog Orders
We currently do not offer a paper catalog. Please view our online catalog by browsing our website.

Delivery Destinations

We ship to almost all countries worldwide. If your country is not in our Shipping Destination list, please e-mail us.


Order and Shipping Confirmations
After placing an order, you will receive THREE e-mails which confirm the status of your order. The first e-mail will be an Order Confirmation E-mail notifying you that your order has been successfully placed. This e-mail will reach you normally right after your order has been placed. The second e-mail will be a Payment Confirmation E-mail notifying you that your payment has been confirmed. Credit Card orders may take several days to get confirmed. The third e-mail will be a Shipment Confirmation E-mail notifying you that your order has been shipped.

Wholesale Orders

Arts & Crafts Korea is always looking for new retailers and distributors to spread the word about Korea. Whether you would like to handle a wide variety of items or a single item from our store, please e-mail us with your questions and comments. We currently have wholesale partners in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Product Availability
Many of the items on Arts & Crafts Korea are handmade. Although we do try our best to keep our products in stock, due to the unique nature of the items, it may take an additional 3-14 days before we are able to ship out your order. Should we not be able to ship your order within 4 business days, we will be sure to contact you with the specifics.

Any import duties and taxes or additional charges required for customs clearance vary from country to country and must be borne by you. We do not have any control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Please contact your local customs office for details. Additionally, when ordering from Arts & Crafts Korea, you are considered the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods.


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