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Bojaki Knot Card (L) - Mint Green

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Item Number ACHAS067
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Product Description

A beautiful fusion of the traditional Korean bojaki pattern and macrame. A handmade silk cord decorates the center of each cord and allows it to be opened and closed. A hanji (Korean mulberry paper) paper is included inside. Comes with an envelope. Attach it to any gift and the recipient will surely keep the card itself as a unique gift. Color/design of bojaki pattern area may vary according to product. Please refer only to the main color and design.

* Dimensions
9cm(W) x 12cm(L) / 3.54'(W) x 4.72'(L)

Many of our products are handmade. Thus, the actual design and/or color may slightly vary according to product.

We try our best to reflect the true color of the product on our website; however, note that colors may appear differently according to the user's monitor.
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